Meet Khalid, our super strong ambassador and online coach.

Sports and strength training require dedication, character and a ton of perseverance A perfect example of this is Khalid Laamimach, a sportsman at heart. As an ambassador for Arriba Nutrition, he brings years of experience and know-how together with our superior nutritional supplements. Together with Khalid, we believe in the golden combination: a healthy lifestyle in combination with the right nutrition and training.


No excuses, start your transformation today with KhalidL Official’s online app Everything can be found here on one platform and is custom tailored to your needs. As a member you get access to:

  • Personalised Fitness Plan

  • Personalised Meal Plan

  • Step By Step Video Demos

  • Grocery Guides w/ Downloadable Lists

  • Restaurant Meals Replacements/Options

  • Allergies/Dislikes Substitution List

  • Fitness Log

  • Progress Log

  • Community Connection w/ Likeminded Members

  • Online Support

  • 14 Day Happiness Guarantee

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